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Work permits for Indonesia

Expats wanting to work in Indonesia will need to secure employment and obtain a residence- and work permit before arriving in the country. The process for acquiring a work permit can be difficult as the rules change frequently. Generally, however, the employer acts as the sponsor for the work permit and will undertake much of the application process on the employee’s behalf.

There are restrictions on the hiring of foreign workers in Indonesia and companies can only employ a certain number of expats, and can only employ foreigners who have skills that Indonesians currently don't have.

The company will need to gain approval from the Ministry of Manpower and will have to submit an application for an ITAS for their new employee, which will allow them entry into the country. The ITAS acts both as a residency and a work permit and allows a stay of between six and 12 months, depending on what is stipulated in the employment contract. After five years, expats can apply for permanent residency in the form of a KITAP.

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